collection 2023

Yugen - Jap. 幽玄 - hidden, secret, mystical. Yugen is a concept that calls for simplicity, modesty, and the beauty inherent in nature in Japanese culture. This philosophy emphasises the importance of simplicity and unobtrusiveness, and the understanding that true beauty can be found in hidden, unremarkable things. Within the concept of yugen, value is found in the unexpected moments that arise from simple and everyday things, creating harmony and aesthetic pleasure. Taking on a responsive and subtle relationship to nature and the world around us, yugen reminds us of the importance of presence and moment-to-moment, evoking deep admiration and peace of mind.

The Yugen series, is a way of expressing visually my exploration of the Japanese concept of intimate beauty and aesthetics of timelessness and refined asceticism. Organics became thenbasis of this series in the form of birch and pine tablets; canvases made of coarse linen scraps and pigments made of domestic charcoal and ash. And also the main role in completing the compositions is played by frames made by hand from smoked (burnt) pine.

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