born in Khabarovsk, Russia, 1997
works and lives in Khabarovsk, Russia

Anna spent part of her childhood in a village amidst the taiga forest of Sikhote-Alin in the upper reaches of the Nemta River. Nature and simple rural life were a natural backdrop to her life, which began to influence the development of her creative path even in early childhood when the environment was the main source of inspiration and resource.

Anna focuses on her visual experience gained from exploring the natural forms, textures, and shades of swamps, mountains, taiga landscapes, and rural life. The philosophy of the East and inspiration from the delicate beauty of traditional crafts from past centuries, where organics, natural materials, and the roughness of natural forms play a major role, have a significant impact on shaping her perspective and style.

artist & designer

anna kómar

e p h e m e r a l

artist statement

The process of creating objects is based on primitive techniques of working with organics and rough materials, defining her own language of expression. Most often Anna uses organic pigments such as sand and clay collected from the forest and garden, coal and ash from the home oven, wood, linen, paper and metal found in everyday life. In some series the materials are subjected to natural pigmentation, oxidation, fire and firing techniques.

The ephemerality of nature and the impact of time to the point of no return is a predominant theme that Anna explores through the creative process. Her works become a kind of artifacts of time and nature, captured in the moment of their transformation.

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