first summer in garden house

1 SEPT 2021
details of our garden
summer 2021
My first gardening experience on our new plot.
We bought our plot just before the new year 2021. It is only 6 acres, where there is a small house, a small building (summer shower, house building, toilet), a huge drainage pit. This plot, as well as others like it, was used for summer vacations, planting potatoes and other root crops, vegetable garden. Of garden crops, we have honeysuckle bushes, currants, gooseberries. Of trees we have cherry, lilac, sakura, plum, apple, willow, and raspberry, hydrangea, bird cherry. Before this time, I had never had my own garden, so I have no experience in gardening and horticulture. I started to learn the basics of landscape design at my institute. I couldn't wait to start gardening as soon as the snow melted. I bought all sorts of seeds of flowers, herbs, vegetables that I liked.
I didn't do sprouts, but planted seeds directly in the ground, which doesn't guarantee a complete seed match. But... time went on, and gradually something began to grow. In particular, a lot of grass and weeds were growing. We plucked the grass and weeds, but we didn't always make it in time. They crushed the sprouts of cultivated plants, which caused them to die. The summer itself turned out to be quite hot by mid-summer, but short for the harvest. The seeds had only just sprouted, and it was already the middle of summer. My grandmother used to share her sprouts of eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes with us. I am very grateful to her for that, I collected whole buckets of vegetables for frying and salads.
All summer long, we watched amazing sunsets, those crazy shades, from pink to blue to lilac to fiery.
I often walked around the garden looking for interesting details.

It is very interesting to watch the development of sprouts. How a whole self-sufficient plant can grow from a single seed. I often walked around the garden looking for interesting details. Somewhere I noticed a beautiful ovary, somewhere a beautiful panicle of oats with raindrops running down it. The garden is especially beautiful after it rains in cloudy weather.
eggplant leaf details
the plum tree
This year we were pleased with the plum tree. We picked four buckets of berries from one medium-sized tree, although we missed the beginning of ripening. We started picking when the fruit was already falling to the ground and the branches were on the verge of breaking from the weight of the fruit. What a relief the plum tree was when we gathered all the fruit from its branches.
green garden
The abundance of green was not usual to see every day, not outside the window, as in the city, but right in front of my nose.
Nature teaches "to take, you have to give," your time, your effort, your money, to get a good harvest or quality bloom.
We planted
- a cherry bush,
- 6 buckthorn bushes
- sage,
- gladiolus,
- velvet flowers.

- dill,
- mint,
- melissa,
- sage
- oregano,
- basil,
- green salad.

- peas,
- green beans.
- tomatoes,
- cucumbers,
- eggplants,
- pepper.

there were always bouquets at home
All summer I made monobouquets for the house from daisies, hydrangeas, dill, herbs, and gladioluses.
In the future, I want to make a landscape style garden, with green rooms that will zone our plot. I plan to make green hedges, since we don't have blind fences, I want to create privacy. Plant more shrubs and trees that will make the garden lively and shady. This will help fill the empty space and make it visually larger. In the future, I will be sharing some landscaping techniques and helpful information I learned about in my landscape design course.
I also use Pinterest boards and other design resources to have lots of interesting solutions in my head. I want to create separate themed folders that you can look into for inspiration before you start any changes to the garden, which will help develop an eye for observation.
hydrangea details
My non-perfect garden
Having my own garden evokes mixed feelings: on the one hand, for me, as a nature lover, it is a treasure trove of inspiration. On the other hand, it is a lot of work, a lot of knowledge, effort and time. My plan is to find a middle ground. To work on the garden not by overworking, but gradually and over time and to enjoy it more, even if it is not perfect.
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