seasonal tea

7 DEC 2021
Today we are going to share with you a recipe for a seasonal tea for the cold winter, I called it "warming bitterness".
It is an unusual drink with a slight bitterness of viburnum berries and the herbaceous scent of sage. A tea that warms the whole body and protects the throat from colds.

We will need:
- your favorite black tea
- salvia officinalis
- viburnum berries
- сloves pounded in a mortar - 3-5 cloves or as a spice.
1. Boil the kettle
2. Calberries (if they are fresh) are overpicked and washed and crushed.
3. Add black tea and sage leaves to the teapot.
4. Add the cloves.
5. Wait 5-7 minutes and you can taste it.
Use caution, it is not recommended to drink tea with cranberry berries if Pregnancy, peptic ulcer, arthritis, gout, stomach and kidney stones, high blood clotting. For the beginning, you can try a couple of spoonfuls of such tea to see how the body reacts.

Sincerely, Ani.
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