winter swimming in the woods

14 DEC 2021
I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.
Henry David Thoreau
We love to go out to the woods, but more often we do it in the warm season. This year we decided to go to the winter forest to get used to winter walks, refresh ourselves and gain new strength, it can be called winter bathing in the woods. My head and eyes change and rest in nature. It was overcast that day, a little snow was dripping. The weather was warm all weekend and we decided not to miss this opportunity to get out into nature not far from the city.
A snowy, sleepy forest was waiting for us with a little haze in the air that made it impossible to see the biggest ridge. The snow was already deep, the cold wind rolling lonely across the forest peaks. The forest is bare now, so it is well visible, we can see the nuthatches, who are tirelessly circling the trunks of trees in search of food, not afraid of us.
Trees are cracked by frost, and the young oak forest's foliage, which has not fallen, rustles. It is an interesting feature of the oak to hold its leaves until spring, and the old oak forest is fascinating with its gaunt branches. The crowns of spruce and cedar have grown darker, and against the bare winter forest, you can see where there is more coniferous growth in the forest to go for a walk and look for cones. The only rich greenery left in the forest is the mosses and lichens under the snow, which get moisture and will feel fine until summer.
Going into the woods, you should be sure to take everything you need. What do we usually take with us on a forest walk?
- comfortable warm shoes for walking
- comfortable backpack
- thermos with delicious tea
- mug
- snack and sweets
- camera with a tripod
- piece of mat
- a bag of seeds for birds
- first aid kit
- cell phone and portable battery
- flashlight

All the things you need will help you have a comfortable time. Spending time in a beautiful place, I always do the concentration on the inner feelings and perception of the present moment, to plunge into the atmosphere of the forest as much as possible it is necessary to connect all our senses.
Pay attention to:
Sound - howling wind, doldrums, rustling twigs, birdsong, creaking snow.
Smells - the freshness of winter, the smell of tea, fire.
Touch and sight - to touch and examine the bark of trees, branches, needles, leaves, frozen cereal flowers, snowflakes, snow, mosses and lichens, animal tracks.
To breathe deeply, enjoying this fragment of life.
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