aesthetics of everyday life

28 DEC 2021
love for detail
In my early childhood, my grandmother brought up attention in me - to notice the details that surround us every day. She always admired some phenomenon, be it dawn, or noticed an imperceptible family of mushrooms under a tree, a caterpillar on a carrot branch. She could even admire an ordinary leaf of a tree. Unbeknownst to myself, I adopted this skill. I can enjoy looking at basic things, such as the bark of a tree or the flowing steam from hot tea, the sparkling of white snow, or the shade of a plum tree on our garden house. All this brings visual and aesthetic pleasure to me.
Sometimes I catch a feeling of "detachment" from our world, when I suddenly feel like a guest in this world, which is really the case. And all objects, all phenomena become unique and interesting for me. When you can just walk past multi-storey city courtyards and look at the beautiful crown of lush trees, or walk across the field to admire clover flowers, birds chirping and feel the touch of the wind.
Only now I understand how important it is to see beauty, it is an endless source of inspiration for me. It helps me a lot when working in design and painting.

My home is undoubtedly now one of the sources of inspiration and the subject of my attention, which can be created, experimented with and noticed. Now is the first winter in our new little house. Outside the window is already a real Russian winter, when the temperature drops to -36 degrees and the frost stings the cheeks and nose. The heart of our home is a fireplace stove that heats up our home and gives a feeling of comfort.The crackling of wood and the play of fire soothes me every evening and creates the atmosphere of a forest hut. One of the tasks this year was to hide in a small snow-covered house from the cold, buy an iron Soviet kettle, boil it over a fire and brew delicious teas.
There is always a galvanized large bucket next to the stove, which I found in our garden this summer. It is already many years old, it is worn and has an interesting texture, especially beautiful when the rays of the evening sun fall on it. In this bucket we always have ash firewood prepared, which smell very tasty when you heat the stove with it. This smell is the best of all incense to cleanse our space and take me back to my memories when my grandfather stoked a bathhouse in the village. The sun illuminates our home from early morning until late in the evening, this natural tool of light and shadow enriches all textures in our home, making it even cozier and more attractive. This is my source of inspiration, this is the aesthetics of my home and life.
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