crystal garden
december, 2022
The sun is warming less and less
It's morning at the cottage. The thrushes are chirping. All in the frost. I managed to take these pictures before the garden was covered with snow.

This is the second winter in our garden. When the weather is steady and warm, we come for a week to enjoy the quiet and inspiration. As winter arrives, the garden becomes home to many birds that gather seeds and berries on the bushes. They often sit and chirp on cranberries and grapes. Also at this time of year, small animal tracks can be seen in the snow, usually mouse tracks.

Some of nature is already sound asleep, while others are trying to keep warm and feed themselves in every way they can. The local street cat, who often comes to us. We call him "ryzhiy." He hides in secluded, windless places, catching mice. Winter is harsh, so we help him, feed him, and sometimes let him in the house to warm up.

In winter, we heat the house with a wood-burning stove, drying and warming it from the inside. It's the shortest daylight hours, but luckily the sun comes in at an angle that peeks into the house all day long, keeping the room warm and a little bit brighter.
Over the warm season, she got stronger after transplanting to a new location.
Recent winters have been very snowy, so the snow has kept the damaged roots from freezing.
The cat likes to bask in the sun, waiting for us outside the house.
The insatiable cat.
This weekend I plucked branches of cranberries before the birds pecked them all the way down. I put them in a vase on the sunny window.
The sun passed through the frozen berries, creating a glow.
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