How to plan? What must be taken into account? What can be saved on, and what is undesirable? In this article, let's talk about the budget that is planned at the beginning of the repair work in the apartment or house. It is important to plan this process so that the costs were within the pre-planned amount, and the repair is not stretched out indefinitely.
The first thing you need to order a project from an interior designer or schematically plan it yourself, you will know the size of the room, the layout, decide in advance on the choice of finishing materials, furniture, location of lighting fixtures, with a choice of manufacturers.

Then study the market, compare prices and create in Excel or in Notion a table with an estimate (estimate - calculation of future expenses in the form of a table), it consists of the following items:

- repair work and roughing materials - the cost of the work may vary from region to region. By submitting a project to 2-3 organizations, they will calculate an estimate for their work. Try to choose by recommendation, ask about completed projects, look for reviews.

- plumbing - well-planned plumbing will minimize your everyday problems

- finishes

- lighting - divide this point into two sub-items: technical and decorative light

- furniture

- home appliances

- fabrics

- décor
repair work 25%
draft materials 10%
finishing materials (tiles, wallpaper, paint, flooring) 15%
furniture 30%
lighting 5%
plumbing 5%
home appliances 5%
decor, textiles 5%
extra expenses
- replacing windows - in new buildings this is usually not a problem, but in older buildings it is often necessary to replace windows.

- replacing radiators - the price can be quite different, depending on whether you will be installing simple metal radiators or built-in floor convectors.

- Air conditioning - installing a ducted air conditioner will cost more than installing conventional wall units, but you will get a more aesthetically pleasing design. Ducted air conditioning can also be combined with forced ventilation and humidification, which is especially important during the heating season;

- A "smart house" system is a separate project, which is handled by highly specialized companies, and its cost will directly depend on the functionality of the project. It can be as simple as controlling lighting from a smartphone or creating a complex security system.

As you search for materials, furniture and equipment, enter the information into the table - so you get an approximate amount needed to implement the design project.

Set aside 10-20% of the estimate for contingencies.
What can't you save money on?
When planning, it is important to understand that in no case can you cut the budget for some items, so that then there are no serious problems and do not have to bear large expenses on redoing.

1. Hidden utilities that are very difficult to replace. First of all this applies to plumbing and electrical. They should be made as high as possible, without any violations and using quality materials.

2. Finishing materials. Pay special attention to the choice of quality flooring and tiles.

3. Built-in furniture. Cabinets, kitchen, built-in furniture for the bathroom.

4. Furniture that you constantly use.

5. The builders. To avoid deplorable situations in the future in the form of crooked walls, broken outlets, burst pipes and spoiled French wallpaper, which you were waiting from abroad, especially carefully select the construction team.
Considering these nuances, it is important to allocate costs wisely, even with a small budget. For example, when choosing finishing materials, you can combine painting and wallpaper, highlighting the accent wall with them.

In the bedroom, it is better to invest in a quality mattress and linens made of natural fabrics, the bed frame can be more simple.

Also, don't skimp on the kitchen and appliances, if you like to cook a lot, and still choose an inexpensive dining table.
How can an interior designer help you save money?
By ordering a design project, you can save money on finishing materials, furniture, plumbing and lighting. How?

First of all, the project album itself means pre-planned interior and consumables for implementation, there are sheets and specifications, which specify the number of tiles, flooring, furniture positions. This can be called a checklist for the purchase, which will insure against unforeseen costs. (In this case the cost of design - the project varies about 5% of the total budget)

Secondly, among the suppliers and manufacturers are interested companies that provide interior designer discount on products, thereby you can save on 5-10%.
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