january, 2023
There the air sparkles in the mountains
We left early in the morning with everything we needed for hiking in the mountains and lunch in the woods.

By the end of the trip, the sun was gradually rising, illuminating the river and the mountain ranges we were already familiar with. It was freezing outside. There was an icy mist over the river, glistening in the sunlight. We had never been to these places in winter. The mountains and forest looked completely different. Now we could see the burns, rocks and trails.

We approached the parking lot where we started our hike. We went down through the snow-covered forest to the river. The river was blocked with snow, but the route was hiking, so there was a well-paved trail to the rocks. After passing the river and the forest, we went up to the Nadge rocks. There we were met by two birds, melodiously humming something between them.

The cold was taking its toll on our bodies. The sun above the hills was shining and warming us, but frost was covering us in return with hoarfrost. After wandering on the rocks, we went down to the river to make a fire, get warm and have a snack before coming back.
It was a pleasant trip to a familiar place, but at a new time of year. Winter colors these places in a special way. Clear bright blue skies, white sparkling snow, bare blue mountains, black coniferous forest with green moss on the bark.
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