june, 2022
The forest is shrouded in a thick fog
The most spontaneous one-night trip... End of June. Lingering heavy rains and chilly nights.

When we arrived in the evening, we pulled up a big tent, lit a fire, and set up our tents. We cooked a delicious dinner and made mulled wine with red wine and dried fruits. The mulled wine helped warm up my body before bedtime. On chilly summer nights like this, warm off-season clothing and a warm sleeping bag helped.

In the morning, as is often the case, Anyuy was in thick fog and drizzle. In places the nearest mountains and a bright spot of green fir trees on the other side of the river were shining through. After having breakfast, we headed to the shore, where we were ferried by motorboat to the other side of the Anyuy River.

The great moisture and shade in the mixed forest gave life to the lush green mosses and lichens on the tree carcasses. During our walk to the cliffs it rained lightly, which made it slippery to descend on the way back.
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